The future outlook and ambitions

Providing sustainable growth to a region is a complex matter. What started with providing education to young children led to the demand for continued education in the form of a secondary school. As the first generation will finished their secondary school career, additional demand became clear in the form of demand for tertiary education and labor places. 

In order to able to realize the sustainable growth and the eight Millennium Development Goals, Mount Elgon Trust has set up an ambitious plan to create community facilities and services which will not only provide jobs for the residents of the area, but also training facilities for the local students. By offering the local residents the chance to get a good job in the area, and by stimulating local entrepreneurship and providing training in that field the region can further develop itself. 

Putting the region on the map, also for the Kenyan government, will help realize basic facilities like access to the electrical grid, water purification services and tarmac roads. 

The most ambitious plan of the Trust is to make itself redundant in the long-term, when local people have started their own initiatives and companies and the government participates in providing educational and medical services on at least the same level as currently being done by the Trust. 

Before we arrive that level, significant sponsor contributions are necessary, as well as commercial initiatives in the form of new companies starting activities in the area.