The Board members

The Trust consists of the following board members:

  • Dr. Bea Andersen - Schipper  -  Chairman
  • Ms. Cherry Dale  -  Secretary
  • Mr. Robert Andersen  -  Representative of MEO
  • Bishop Crowley  -  The Bishop of the Diocese of Kitale

The Board of the Trust has invited the Catholic Church to join the Trust and to actively participate in the management of the projects, especially in the field of education. This will benefit the spiritual wellbeing of the children and the quality of the school as a whole. Secondly, the participation of the Catholic Church will further strengthen and stabilize Mount Elgon Trust. The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale has agreed that Mount Elgon Trust projects can be operated under the Diocese. On the site of Mount Elgon Trust, the New Village, is a home for the Poor Sisters of the Mother of God and a home for the Priests. Soon there will be a church.