We can group the projects into Health, Education and Welfare. 

The health projects consist of the hospital, the HIV/Aids Clinic (VCT) and the orthopedic workshop.

Andersen Primary School, Andersen High School and Andersen Vocational Training Center are the main schools of Mount Elgon Trust. They are all now run by the government, with support of the Trust and sponsors. The Trust also helps to build some new classrooms, for example at nearby Chepchoina Primary School. So our work is not limited only to the farm, the Trust assists to develop the whole area. 

Most of the welfare projects are in the 'New Village'. At the moment the Catholic Church and the housing are already there. An Assembly Hall is already finished and the plans are to build a High Altitude Training Center, a Police Station and a Guesthouse. This all together with the schools and the hospital is the 'New Village'.