Mount Elgon Trust has partners from different countries which support the projects in the Chepchoina area. 

Mount Elgon Orchards
Mount Elgon Orchards, hereafter: the farm, is one of the olderst horticultural farms in Kenya. It was founded in 1920 by a Swedish botanist. The grandfather of the current owner: Bob Andersen. 

Over the years the farm has grown many different products, like coffee, avocado, apples and peaches. Since 1993 the rose production started. At the moment the farm creates employment for over the 1000 people from the area. Besides that, the farm takes care of all the salaries of the people who are working for the projects

Mount Elgon Orchards supports the Mount Elgon Trust through the payment of salaries, infrastructure and maintenance work. Water and electricity are also supplied by Mount Elgon Orchards.

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Foundation Elimu Mount Elgon
Foundation Elimu Mount Elgon is a dutch foundation which supports all the educational project of the Mount Elgon Trust in the Chepchoina region. Some projects which Elimu has supported were the High School, the Vocational Training Center and the Assembly Hall.

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Foundation SOK
Foundation SOK is established in the Netherlands too. SOK supports the medical projects of the Mount Elgon Trust, like the hospital, VCT (HIV/Aids clinic) and the orthopedic workshop.

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AFFORD is a charity founded in Australia that was set up to provide the funds to support orphans in the care of Mount Elgon Trust. AFFORD supports the orphans and the main aims of AFFORD are to relieve poverty and promote health, education and welfare of the orphans and to aim for a smooth transition when the children are old enough to leave the orphanage. 

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DEG Bank
The mission of DEG is to promote business initiative in developing and emerging market countries as a contribution to sustainable growth and improved living conditions of the local population. To this end, DEG makes long-term financing and advice available to private enterprises investing in these countries. DEG supported many projects of the Trust: building of the new hospital in 2007, the HIV/Aids centre, the orphanage, the ECD school and the housing project. 

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Wild Geese Foundation
All over the world, Wild Geese Foundation supports people in their efforts to achieve a better future for their community in developing countries. Wild Geese Foundation supported a lot of projects for the Trust in cooperation with Foundation SOK and Foundation Elimu Mount Elgon. 

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